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Found 63 results

  1. Tim Horton's was front and centre of one story. I guess Tim's has now made the big leagues!
  2. Where we learned that Walt really was evil. He lets Jane die of her own vomit after using and shortly after the commercial plane that Jane's dad was piloting crashes killing many very powerful episode. Maybe the best one in BB
  3. DId you watch it? Did you like it? Sad. Mom is insanely stupid. Must be hard to succeed growing up like that.
  4. These are the answers for the recent online tests: Jan 28: 1 Leo Tolstoy 2 Centennial 3 Stephen Hawking 4 Sparta 5 Hajj 6 Thames 7 Valhalla 8 Standard 9 Lord Byron 10 San Jose 11 Ariana Grande 12 the Bulge 13 abacus 14 George Orwell 15 Frankfort 16 ear 17 armadillo 18 Emmanuel Macron 19 The Masked Singer 20 Henrik Ibsen 21 Libya 22 cause 23 Roald Dahl 24 Rutgers 25 Missouri 26 FLOTUS 27 Rebecca 28 Copper 29 Orange 30 Cuba 31 Genesis 32 Pennywise 33 potatoes 34 Anne Boleyn 35 E. L. James 36 taxidermy 37 eulogize 38 garter 39 Carl Jung 40 Salvador Dali 41 Wicked 42 Aaron Burr 43 Arbor Day 44 Rio de Janeiro 45 Encyclopedia Britannica 46 Georges Bizet 47 Sagittarius 48 Labor 49 Macbeth 50 Los Angeles Dodgers
  5. Yesterday's Final was unbelievably hard, but if you can't guess this one, you are a blithering idiot. In 2008, 34 years after it made Billboard’s top 10, this song title was used by a southern state in a tourism campaign
  6. I'll bet you don't know this one!
  7. ...or not far enough? I haven't seen their coverage of the latest winner of The Voice or Survivor, so I guess they have some room????
  8. England just beat New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup semi final
  9. ...and it is easy to spot the winner(s) here. Quite simply, a landslide with the Sour Cream & Onion chips winning the day! Nacho Cheese Doritos sneaking in a consistent but not surprising 2nd place. And the loser - not a shock to anyone - was the plain Fritos. Definitely not ready to go toe to toe with it's tastier siblings. Does Doritos make a "regular" chip (like the regular Frito or potato chip) or are they all about the flavors?
  10. ...in this story! They aren't accounting for the increase in the CHICKEN population! B-O-O-M! Crisis averted Three billion North American birds have vanished since 1970, surveys show By Elizabeth Pennisi North America's birds are disappearing from the skies at a rate that's shocking even to ornithologists. Since the 1970s, the continent has lost 3 billion birds, nearly 30% of the total, and even common birds such as sparrows and blackbirds are in decline, U.S. and Canadian researchers report this week online in Science. "It's staggering," says first author Ken Rosenberg, a conservation scientist at the Cornell University Laboratory of Ornithology. The findings raise fears that some familiar species could go the way of the passenger pigeon, a species once so abundant that its extinction in the early 1900s seemed unthinkable. The results, from the most comprehensive inventory ever done of North American birds, point to ecosystems in disarray because of habitat loss and other factors that have yet to be pinned down, researchers say. Yet ecologist Paul Ehrlich at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, who has been warning about shrinking plant and animal populations for decades, sees some hope in this new jolt of bad news: "It might stir needed action in light of the public interest in our feathered friends." In past decades, Ehrlich and others have documented the decline of particular bird groups, including migratory songbirds. But 5 years ago, Rosenberg; Peter Marra, a conservation biologist now at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.; and their colleagues decided to take a broader look at what is happening in North America's skies. They first turned to the North American Breeding Bird Survey, an annual spring census carried out by volunteers across Canada and the United States, which has amassed decades of data about 420 bird species. The team also drew on the Audubon Christmas Bird Count for data on about 55 species found in boreal forests and the Arctic tundra, and on the International Shorebird Survey for trends in shorebirds such as sandpipers and plovers. Aerial surveys of water bodies, swamps, and marshes filled out the picture for waterfowl. All together, they studied 529 bird species, about three-quarters of all species in North America, accounting for more than 90% of the entire bird population.
  11. ...without milk (or maybe coffee).
  12. ...because, from what I read, he was planning to ride his birthday miles TODAY, but his birthday us not until WEDNESDAY!
  13. I don't feel good about the pot bust that happened because of the helicopter coverage.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. ...as much as Jose, but props to the younger bro for showing his big brother how it is done
  16. Sports stars are just like you and me. At least when it comes to the need for coffee. Both Venus Williams and her sister, Serena, have been known to be jonesing big-time for java during matches, even in sweltering heat. So it was not surprising that Venus made the request during her second round U.S. Open match Wednesday, but this time a funny moment with a flummoxed ballboy followed. Williams’s coach handed the beverage down from the stands to the ballboy, who, like all diligent ballboys and girls, sped off to Williams’s side. Only she wasn’t there, having departed moments earlier for a bathroom break. He pursued her for a step or two, changed his mind and then wandered around the court a bit before being told to just place it beside her chair.
  17. ...for peak foliage in my favorite place for foliage fun!
  18. At the current rate of shrinkage, just one year from now, the sun will be completely gone. I am currently stocking up on supplies. One can never prepare too early.
  19. I don't follow his team, but I know there is a definite deadline for their imminent loss(es). Have we gotten there yet, or are we on standby until Saturday????
  20. ...in thread titles to denote sadness? or the slightly less fussy: I'm still on the fence on this one.
  21. So, Powder Mountain was the summit finish on Stage 2 of the ToU. In the commentary, they put its stats up vs the ones for Alpe d'Huez, and it came out as an equal or most likely greater challenge. However, as we know from countless TdFs, Alpe d'Huez is far from the toughest climb in any TdF and is more an "icon" due to its switchbacks, fan enthusiasm, and some historic stage results. So, while watching the ToU, and seeing Hermans put some serious time into all the other guys (except Piccoli), I was wondering what (other than quality/depth of teams) made it such a one-on-one challenge pretty much the whole ascent, versus the ridiculous Sky/Ineos team trains we see in the TdF (think Galibier in this year's TdF). Is it really that pronounced - the "top" pros (racing in Europe still) vs the "other" pros? Many of the guys in the top 25 of that stage are pros who also race in the big European races, but only Trek and EF First seem to be representing the World Tour Teams. It would be neat to see ToU with more than just the US-centric WTT teams in the mix, but I wonder if that would have made a stage like Powder Mountain a team-train snooze.
  22. ...PC magazine. Where does a 3-5 year old even put their mobile phone??? 30/1,000 parents are NUTS (mobile and laptop). I get the tablet - an easy babysitter - and the speaker (but is that really the kids?). THe phone and laptops, though???
  23. maddmaxx

    Tag your it

    Somehow, the tags seem spoiled.
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