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Found 49 results

  1. I don't feel good about the pot bust that happened because of the helicopter coverage.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. ...as much as Jose, but props to the younger bro for showing his big brother how it is done
  4. Sports stars are just like you and me. At least when it comes to the need for coffee. Both Venus Williams and her sister, Serena, have been known to be jonesing big-time for java during matches, even in sweltering heat. So it was not surprising that Venus made the request during her second round U.S. Open match Wednesday, but this time a funny moment with a flummoxed ballboy followed. Williams’s coach handed the beverage down from the stands to the ballboy, who, like all diligent ballboys and girls, sped off to Williams’s side. Only she wasn’t there, having departed moments earlier for a bathroom break. He pursued her for a step or two, changed his mind and then wandered around the court a bit before being told to just place it beside her chair.
  5. ...for peak foliage in my favorite place for foliage fun!
  6. At the current rate of shrinkage, just one year from now, the sun will be completely gone. I am currently stocking up on supplies. One can never prepare too early.
  7. I don't follow his team, but I know there is a definite deadline for their imminent loss(es). Have we gotten there yet, or are we on standby until Saturday????
  8. ...in thread titles to denote sadness? or the slightly less fussy: I'm still on the fence on this one.
  9. So, Powder Mountain was the summit finish on Stage 2 of the ToU. In the commentary, they put its stats up vs the ones for Alpe d'Huez, and it came out as an equal or most likely greater challenge. However, as we know from countless TdFs, Alpe d'Huez is far from the toughest climb in any TdF and is more an "icon" due to its switchbacks, fan enthusiasm, and some historic stage results. So, while watching the ToU, and seeing Hermans put some serious time into all the other guys (except Piccoli), I was wondering what (other than quality/depth of teams) made it such a one-on-one challenge pretty much the whole ascent, versus the ridiculous Sky/Ineos team trains we see in the TdF (think Galibier in this year's TdF). Is it really that pronounced - the "top" pros (racing in Europe still) vs the "other" pros? Many of the guys in the top 25 of that stage are pros who also race in the big European races, but only Trek and EF First seem to be representing the World Tour Teams. It would be neat to see ToU with more than just the US-centric WTT teams in the mix, but I wonder if that would have made a stage like Powder Mountain a team-train snooze.
  10. ...PC magazine. Where does a 3-5 year old even put their mobile phone??? 30/1,000 parents are NUTS (mobile and laptop). I get the tablet - an easy babysitter - and the speaker (but is that really the kids?). THe phone and laptops, though???
  11. maddmaxx

    Tag your it

    Somehow, the tags seem spoiled.
  12. ...such a clear departure from her line and then an insane domino crash. Relegated. Not DQ'ed. It actually seems a FAR worse move than the one that got Sagan booted from the Tour with his argy-bargy with Cav.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. Come on! Is Stage 20 and 21 still top secret intel????
  15. Who do you have winning this upcoming season? I'm going with... ...the Baltimore Ravens!
  16. Woot!!! The US is KICKING the AZZ of the World!!!! 3 out of 10 spots going to the US. U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!!! U-S-A!!!! For the folks that like to read the drivel, click here.
  17. It would go nice with his yellow car. https://www.bikeradar.com/features/pro-bike/peter-sagan-tour-de-france-bike/
  18. ...and I tucked a bunch of <SPOILER> stuff in there for the softies who don't know who won the TdF Green Jersey this year The S-Works Venge Disc Sagan 7x Limited-Edition frameset will cost $7000, with a portion of all proceeds going to the OUTRIDE Foundation, an organization dedicated to proving that cycling benefits your brain. Through research, cycling programs, and grant-giving activities, OUTRIDE provides evidenced-based cycling interventions to improve social, emotional, and cognitive health. I'm fine with this selling out since I don't really like the paint job. Neat that it is different on either side, but not so great I would buy it.
  19. ...at the Tour coverage yesterday? If he was recording Stage 21 on NBCSports and expected to get the whole stage? I know I was shocked at the old switcheroo to regular NBC. Sort of nutso to jump the main coverage around like that - even if it is to get a bigger audience on the regular NBC channel. Likewise, I assume he got the same e-mails I did which only left the Polka Dot jersey out of the "spoiled" category: BTW, when is the TdF results considered "okay to discuss openly"? I don't remember there being much of an embargo on the Super Bowl or the Stanley Cup winners, so why is the TdF special????
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  22. ...from swapping places with each other depending upon how they feel????
  23. ...and getting dropped by an old man
  24. A "new" steepest hill - and it is in WALES!!!! No more Pittsburgh vs Dunedin. It is all Wales ---------------------------------------------------------- Cyclists hunting for the steepest climb in the world will not need to travel across to New Zealand any more as a small street hidden in North Wales has claimed the title. The town of Harlech has usurped Baldwin Street in Dunedin, on New Zealand's South Island, to take the prize of the world's steepest road. The newly-crowned champion road is Ffordd Pen Llech, a narrow, winding residential street that local residents are claiming holds an average gradient of 37.5%, 1% higher than Baldwin Street, with a knee-crunching 1:3 gradient. Measurements were taken in Wales back in January with the decision made from guidelines that state the record will be based on the maximum gradient of a 10-metre distance and the altitude gained in that span. Local residents in Wales who spoke of Guinness, the body which officiates the records, were specific on its requirements and how there were worried as to whether the 10th metre to be measured would meet requirements. Eventually, it did and Guinness World Records then found Ffordd Pen Llech to be the winner. Despite the road being part and parcel of life in Harlech for many years, local residents only noticed its World Record potential in January with resident Gwyn Headley the first to make the claim. Talking to BBC Radio Wales at the beginning of the year, Headley said, 'I was driving down it in the summer when it struck me how steep it could be.' Headley helped lead Wales to the title and on the announcement of the road's victory told The Guardian: 'I feel utter relief and jubilation. I feel sorry for Baldwin Street and the New Zealanders, but steeper is steeper.' vs my pic from NZ:
  25. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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