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  1. Category: Food & Drink Phrases A 1951 TIME article said, “Since the war,” this 2-word term for a period of time “has been written into union contracts”
  2. ...was oddly "boring". Not sure if it was the coverage compared to "normal" races like a TdF or a cross or MTB event, but the race just seems one long flat dry & exposed farm road, followed by another long flat dry & exposed farm road. I had only watch the "packaged" post-event recap videos in the past, so watching the full broadcast - 7+hours of the 12 hour 200 miler - was pretty much a LOT of Frankie Andreu & his cohost talking, and a lot of guessing where everyone was on the course and who the person on the screen might be. It was all about single riders or pairs after abou
  3. If you want to know if she wins tonight, see below.
  4. ...were two exciting Giro stories early in the week. I'm ALWAYS pulling for the guy named Taco in pretty much any event. And my local pro - Joltin' Joe Babyface Dombrowski finally backed up his now-distant promise from the Baby Giro. Too bad shit went sideways fast on his birthday
  5. Okay, for all you people who think Final Jeopardy is getting too easy, try this one from tonight's episode. Category: Countries’ National Anthems With words written by a Bishop of Urgell, its anthem praises Charlemagne & says it “was born a princess…between two nations”
  6. The title of this huge hit 1977 album was the idea of the bass player, who specified it should be spelled the British way.
  7. For the last two days, none of the contestants have had the correct response to the FJ clue. I will be mildly surprised if anyone gets this one, either. Category: Eponymous Landmarks Clue: In 1960 the ashes of this aviator were spread over the Venezuela natural wonder he famously sighted decades earlier
  8. In case you want some time to think about it. I think this is an interesting bit of trivia. Category: International Business: Clue: The “effect” named for this company founded in 1943 refers to increased value of a product to a consumer whose own labor is needed. Answer:
  9. I wonder how many people in these states know this bit of trivia? No Googling or other cheating allowed... The names of these 2 states honor a king & his father, who was executed in 1649
  10. Darn good show. Just finished last night. Hopefully they have more seasons.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. ...that no one but me (and maybe @Prophet Zacharia ) would ever encounter and notice: It used to show the "password" on this screen. FTR, it is "Spoiler" and still shows up once you get past this pop-up, but that seems a little late!
  13. Tim Horton's was front and centre of one story. I guess Tim's has now made the big leagues!
  14. Where we learned that Walt really was evil. He lets Jane die of her own vomit after using and shortly after the commercial plane that Jane's dad was piloting crashes killing many very powerful episode. Maybe the best one in BB
  15. DId you watch it? Did you like it? Sad. Mom is insanely stupid. Must be hard to succeed growing up like that.
  16. These are the answers for the recent online tests: Jan 28: 1 Leo Tolstoy 2 Centennial 3 Stephen Hawking 4 Sparta 5 Hajj 6 Thames 7 Valhalla 8 Standard 9 Lord Byron 10 San Jose 11 Ariana Grande 12 the Bulge 13 abacus 14 George Orwell 15 Frankfort 16 ear 17 armadillo 18 Emmanuel Macron 19 The Masked Singer 20 Henrik Ibsen 21 Libya 22 cause 23 Roald Dahl 24 Rutgers 25 Missouri 26 FLOTUS 27 Rebecca 28 Copper 29 Orange 30 Cuba 31 Genesis 32 Pennywise 33 potatoes 34 Anne Boleyn 35 E. L. James 36 taxidermy 37 eulogize
  17. Yesterday's Final was unbelievably hard, but if you can't guess this one, you are a blithering idiot. In 2008, 34 years after it made Billboard’s top 10, this song title was used by a southern state in a tourism campaign
  18. ...or not far enough? I haven't seen their coverage of the latest winner of The Voice or Survivor, so I guess they have some room????
  19. England just beat New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup semi final
  20. ...and it is easy to spot the winner(s) here. Quite simply, a landslide with the Sour Cream & Onion chips winning the day! Nacho Cheese Doritos sneaking in a consistent but not surprising 2nd place. And the loser - not a shock to anyone - was the plain Fritos. Definitely not ready to go toe to toe with it's tastier siblings. Does Doritos make a "regular" chip (like the regular Frito or potato chip) or are they all about the flavors?
  21. ...in this story! They aren't accounting for the increase in the CHICKEN population! B-O-O-M! Crisis averted Three billion North American birds have vanished since 1970, surveys show By Elizabeth Pennisi North America's birds are disappearing from the skies at a rate that's shocking even to ornithologists. Since the 1970s, the continent has lost 3 billion birds, nearly 30% of the total, and even common birds such as sparrows and blackbirds are in decline, U.S. and Canadian researchers report this week online in Science. "It's staggering," says first author Ken Rosenberg, a c
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