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Found 18 results

  1. Kzoo

    Women's soccer

    2 - 0 82nd minute USA USA USA...
  2. The Blues will win their first Stanley Cup. Mrs Roper told me.
  3. I would have used an "intelligent" spoiler, but we don't have one and probably don't need one very often anyway. Please post stuff here that you think is intelligent. Your post will be graded by Jsharr and a team of intelligent forum posters. Good luck.
  4. Emma is smart, but she is no substitute for James.
  5. I have confirmed the results for those interested. James loses tonight. 2Far's post was accurate in every way.
  6. Kzoo


    Was toying with them. He sat back, rested, and then attacked. #neverindoubt
  7. Always fun to have a mid-week race to watch when I work from home. Not a huge pack at the end, Youth conquered experience, as Alaphilippe dropped Wold Champ Valverde and ran down Fulsang to take the win. Once again, Sagan was a non factor. Looking forward to more racing this weekend.
  8. Gotta say that Sagan is still struggling to close the deal this season and I can't tell if it is reasonable (ie planning for a later in the season peak), an illness, poor training, or, most worrisome, sign that the peak has been hit. Keep in mind, a bunch of top 10s is pretty much the dream spring for almost every pro cyclist, but for him, it does seem troubling. Definitely looking gassed in the last 10% of each race relative to "regular Peter". But the race itself was a good one. Definitely fun to watch as slowly the Sagan break developed, and then the chess among them, the semi-wimpy chase by the non-breakaway teams, and the eventual Gilbert masterstrokes - making the right jump to drop Sagan and then being able to sit on Politt's rear wheel in the Velodrome. Good stuff for sure. I would, though, like a muddy/rainy/yucky weather edition next year
  9. So far: UVA made a miraculous comeback from being the first ever #1 seed to lose to a #16 last year, to winning it all in the NCAA Basketball Tournament this year. Tiger came back from many years of physical ailments and surgeries to win his 5th Masters at age 43. I wonder if Lance and team US Postal are planning on riding in the Tour this year?
  10. It's like watching paint dry. I've had way more interesting stuff to watch. Another fun race.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Square Wheels

    I, Tonya

    Great movie. If any of it was true, what a sad story.
  13. The Good Place is a clever comedy. It's about 4 humans that have died, and they wake up in what they are told is The Good Place. Except it's not, it's The Bad Place. What they are experiencing is an elaborate ruse designed to get them to torture each other. And it works, for a while. Eleanor is so self centered she was some sort of sociopath when she was alive. Chidi was a moral philosopher who was incapable of making a decision on anything important. Tehanni is the 4th person, and she was a poor little rich girl. She has the best back story, but you will see that when you watch it. Best way to describe Jason is that he died in a safe. He and his pal thought they could rob a pizza place by dropping the safe off, and then Jason could get out, after it closed, and then rob the place. Except he couldn't get out. In fact, the moment his pal came into the pizza place, he handled the situation so ineptly that after 5 seconds, the girl at the counter picked up the phone and called the cops. They didn't think to drill an air hole, get the combination of the safe, arrange for a way for Jason to get out by himself, and... they didn't realise the cash would be deposited when the place closed for the night. The Good Place is a comedy. But it's also a paean to the human spirit. They were deeply flawed people, but when faced with a seemingly insuperable challenge, they team up and win. Humor can be a form of aggression. But it's a mock charge, a comedian is working his heart out seeking your acceptance. To create a bond, a communal moment. I would not have thought it possible, but this is a comedy that gets into moral philosophy. Eleanor needs lessons in ethics, and the thinking of Kant, Kierkegaard, Plato, and Hume make an appearance. Which is just the teensiest bit subversive. A comedy of manners that questions the meaning of life, and concludes all we really have is each other. If you are serious about religion, this show isn't going to work for you. Underneath it all, part of the message of the show is that the afterlife, and by inference, religion, is just metaphor. I am a bit flabbergasted it works. A comedy with Kierkegaard? C'mon... But the second season made a believer (sorry) out of me.
  14. wilbur


    Real Madrid again..
  15. maddmaxx

    Deadpool 2

    Don't bother unless you are a really big fan.
  16. Just watched the end of Walking Dead. Geez...
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