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Found 48 results

  1. ...I will post photos of my project bicycles as I complete them. If they make me happy, perhaps some of it will rub off ? Here is a Ron Cooper I just put back into service. (Most of these will be old, and made from steel.......you have been warned.)
  2. Razors Edge

    More Doping And A Suspension

    Looks like the NFL is going HARD CORE in their fight against performance enhancing drugs! Four games! OMG!!! This guy's career is gonna be over! New Orleans Saints Pro Bowl running back Mark Ingram has been suspended the first four games of the upcoming season for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing drug policy. Tom
  3. Chris...


    Last week was bad, might be time to ditch the show. One politician didn't believe some accusations the CIA was making against another politician until they showed him a powerpoint presentation. Carrie had a mega-meltdown. It's one meltdown a show now.
  4. Razors Edge

    Paris Roubaix (Spoiler)

    B-O-O-M!!! That the peloton let Sagan ride away at 50km to go and bridge up to the small group ahead was NUTSO. Exactly what you CAN'T do with a three-time World Champ who wants the win. The four guys in the following group - Terpstra included - seemed to have it to hang with him, but for whatever reason, they let the gap happen. Tom
  5. Razors Edge

    Brabantse Pijl (Spoiler)

    Nice to see a Belgian win in honor of Michael Goolaerts. A pretty/scenic race. And well played by Wellens. He attacked not too far from the finish with just the two climbs to go. The other folks in the breakaway hesitated, so he got a nice gap and just rolled on to the end. Lotto Soudal had guys all over the place, so they clearly did a good job setting it all up. Funny to see how green it is there already AND, as ever, the neat yards and the amount of trampolines in yards. Tom
  6. Razors Edge

    Milan - San Remo

    I think it was a great win for Nibali, and I think Sagan played it the right (hard) way. As Sagan is pretty much always simply sat on by some of the other folks in the field - much like Boonen or Cancellara have been in other races like P-R - sometimes you have to be willing to just let the lead go up the road, and if no one reacts, it isn't your responsibility to bring the race back together. Sure, Sagan lost, but at the same time, maybe in another race down the line, someone else is willing to work to bring things back, and maybe then Sagan can do his thing. In any case, that was a neat finish there. I always like the finishes where the peloton is breathing down someone's neck, but they still cross the line with a gap or with their arms in the air.
  7. Razors Edge

    Paris-Nice - Wow!

    Wow. Another amazing finish this year. I had NO idea who was going to win until - literally - the last 45 seconds. So much going on in the final two stages, and it kept me on the edge until the last moments of the contenders entering Nice. Very similar to other recent P-N nailbiters. Tom
  8. Randomguy

    I have been bad this morning

    I have eaten much junk, and now am in the hot tub. Will I die?
  9. This is intersting. It seems kind of stupid, but what do I know? Don't look at work, btw.
  10. Razors Edge

    Speaking of Amazons and Hate

    ...am I the only one who thought the Wonder Woman movie stunk? I was bored much of the time and really thought the "buzz" about it was nonsense. Maybe DC comic movies generally stink? Tom
  11. AirwickWithCheese

    US professional championships

    Levi Leipheimer wins the professional road race title. George Harrison @jsharr @Wilbur @Wile E Coyote
  12. A Seemingly Harmless Virus Might Be Triggering Celiac Disease Also see the study at : http://science.sciencemag.org/content/356/6333/44 Just interesting speculation at this point. It won't help Cliff eat whole wheat burger buns yet.
  13. Parr8hed

    This Year's Race

    The race is not going to happen at the same middle school this year. They are doing major construction to the entry way and the parking lot to make it more easier for people to drop off/pick up snowflakes. There is a pretty short list of places that have a pool that I feel like would be suitable in my county. There is the YMCA in downtown New Albany (right across from the BBQ place we ate at last year with the bourbon slushies). But it is in a downtown area, has a funky parking lot, etc. I am not convinced it's the best place. There is a YMCA one county over in Corydon Indiana. It's about 20 miles from my house. I have spoken to them on the phone. They state that would love to have a race there. I am going to check out the parking lot/pool on Tuesday. If all goes well I will hopefully have it there. This may accomplish several things. First, hopefully I don't have to have race insurance and it will be covered under the Y's plan. This would make the race cheaper and make it much less of a PITA to put up with USAT and their sanctioning program. Second, the Y would advertise it and we would hopefully draw in more kids from a different county, PLUS the kids from my county that have done it the past 2 years. 3rd it would help with volunteers. So I am basically letting you know that I don't know anything yet, but am working on it and will get dates to you soon. At least 5 people have come to this race and helped out in big ways from the forum. Maybe we can make it more this year?
  14. No One

    The Search for Amelia Earhart

    British officials discovered a partial human skeleton in 1940 and wondered whether it might belong to the famed aviator. So officials shipped the 13 bones to a medical school in Fiji, where they were examined by D.W. Hoodless, a physician. Hoodless took measurements and concluded that the bones were likely those of a short, stocky European man — not Earhart's. The bones were then discarded. But TIGHAR investigators think Hoodless was wrong. In 1998, the group took the measurements from Hoodless and ran them through a more robust anthropological database. The bones, they determined, could have belonged to a taller-than-average woman of European descent. Earhart was 5-feet-7, or, by some accounts, 5-feet-8 — several inches taller than average. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2016/09/15/amelia-earhart-didnt-die-in-a-plane-crash-this-search-group-says-here-is-its-theory/?tid=hybrid_experimentrandom_1_na&utm_term=.9bad96e7d2a4
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  16. Randomguy


    These tags are insufficient. We need PRI and Risque. And Chronic PRI, and maybe Terminal PRI. And Herpes. Please make this happen now, Square Wheels, I am not asking. You must do this immediately, and the tags should all have different colors. ***trying to do another Cheese-like thread***
  17. Final Score: Nate 157 - Kzoo 3 in a shocking display of ineptitude, the kzoo side hailing from somewhere in the mid west was just not up to the challenge today as the Nate squad pounded the living daylights out of the hapless mid westerners on the field of competition and here are all the NAte supporters celebrating the historic win
  18. ...with any luck, I shall ride it some short distance today or tomorrow and relive some of my youthful excesses. This bike has so much cachet that it might be suitable for @AirwickWithCheese, but it is not a tourer, even though it has fender eyelets. I think that I shall ride it slowly, so that knowledgeable people can admire it as I pass by.
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  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  23. Nate

    Fresh Oil

    it seems that every local authority in a 20 mile radius of me is flush with money for road maintenance after the relatively short winter weather season we had. As part of an obvious play to put all this extra money in the ass pocket of somebody on the township coucil's cousin, they have systematically chip sealed every single one of my favorite roads in the last 3 weeks I spent half an hour this morning getting the tar off my bike from yesterday, and as I come barreling off the plateau behind Moore's Mountain, I can barely make out the sign on the side of the road as I come screaming down the hill Then the words come into focus "Fresh Oil" Fresh oil, hot sun, and a long climb back up, hot damn what's not to like my new tires look like hell every quiet, low traffic road the county can dump some money at without anybody asking questions (which includes all the awesome cycling roads around here) has been chipsealed so recently they haven't even picked up the Fresh Oil signs or painted any lines. I can't wait for the start of the new fiscal year
  24. Tons of sugar in my morning coffee makes me feel that good! I've decided to possibly race Cheese up Mt Everest for the title of Master of the Universe. Ralph has graciously offered his current title as the prize for our contest! While we still have to have my people and Chees's lawyers work out the details, the basic idea is we meet in northern India and make the trek to Nepal where we will pick teams of sherpas, air up the tires one last time, and then onward and upward! First one to the top is MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE! now the only question is will Cheese accept the gauntlet of challenge?