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Hey, Greenville was in some article again about how awesome it is. 



or wait, maybe it was Ashville that was really great. ;)


Are you sure it wasn't Jacksonville, Louisville, Evansville, Nashville, Cherryville, Niverville or Albertville?

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Hey Cheese, I found a wallet with cash in it and turned into our local cop shop.
This brings our tally to over $1000 found and returned (3 wallets).  No rewards have ever been given to me.   :(

I once saw an old lady drop her purse while getting in her limo at the Poinsette Hotel. I picked it up and ran to my car like I was going to chase her down.

That was some of the $ I used to buy the bum lunch at Fudruckers. Most of the rest was used to chase women
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My asmr massage studio in Greenville.

Come visit, you'll love it

It's been a few years since I've been south of the Mason Dixon Line. Maybe next year it'll be time for a road trip. Get me some real Pecan Pie...Chicken and Waffles...true red eye gravy on a ham steak. Sweet potato pie...Carolina Pulled Pork BBQ...with the vinegar type sauce and cole slaw.


As you can tell....getting close to dinner time here.



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My assigned post was inside for that shift and I failed to notify my Lieutenant.

If Asheville hippies had invaded our facility, I wouldn't have been available to protect and serve.

I see their point. I would have fired me for failing to follow a directive. I am tough on myself though.

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