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Nate, tell me a story.


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Have to make it short because I have a lot of work and a deadline coming up but...this is the story of the third time I got hit by a car



Years ago when I was in college I rode my bike for basic transportation. So I'm going t class and I pull into the parking lot of the Language building, and WHAM!


I get run into head on by a car load of Japanese exchange students!


They're driving a Volvo or Subaru or some sort of foreign car that was like a little station wagon, and when they hit me, I went over the bars and did a half flip, landing on my back on the roof of their car


Now I'm a big cat, even when I was young (I played on the O Line in HS) so I bashed in the roof of their car so bad , they couldn't get their doors open


So after I rolled off the car onto the asphalt and picked myself up from being run over, I actually helped THEM get their car doors open so they could get out of their car!


Now THAT's a Bigwood Nate story...I get run over, and then I get up and take care of the people driving the car I just wrecked! :D

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Couch remembers a story I told about getting stung in the yap by a bumble bee riding home from Gettysburg


I rode right at my LT for 2 hours to get home and the lactic acid beat down the bee sting

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Nate regaled us with a beautiful story of a day in his life with his best friend Big D. It reminded me of the movie Box of Moonlight although I've forgotten a lot of the details.

I remember they danced in a big field of poppies and Nate shot out 2 dozen windows in a plant they found abandoned in the woods.
They met some women at some point and although Nate left it to the imagination there was probably some carnal knowledge at some point.

It was a best friends coming of age type story. Well written.

It's a shame Big D tried to steal Nate's identity and money. I advocated for Nate to forgive and renew their friendship after purchasing Lifelock.

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