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It doesn't seem real. Not yet.


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Awesome, dude!  I am so happy for you!  Mozeltov!


Voting with your feet can be so satisfying when done well, and this sounds like a master stroke on your part.  From Wallys everywhere, I salute your initiative. :)  It would be nice if the old place took notice, but 'eff 'em - they probably won't.  We have choice in so few areas these days, it feels so wonderful to exercise it where we do. :)


I think I am similar to Square Wave with the "golden handcuffs" at a place where I have 35 years in with some nice perks, so I put up with a lot of torture that would be nice to avoid.  Although it certainly does have some nice features also, mainly an excellent supervisor and I am basically left alone (to do a huge list of barely reasonable simultaneous demands. :D)  But the main thing is the culture.  While it has some good parts, overall it is not really aligned with what I prefer, but I think they are trying to get more where I want to be, so this close to the finish line I will probably just stick it out.

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Congrats....I know the feeling!!!   I love many aspects of my job...but there are some that can cause terrible stress...oh and an extra 5or 10 grand would be nice...but that isn't any list at my job.


I hope this next change is a good one for you and a good fit.

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