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Foodie question


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Do you have a few "standard" dishes that  rotate  in your menu plan (meh plan...I don't plan...I just make something)..anyway...what is your menu rotation like?   I realize that for  awhile I did tacos with veggie crumbles once a week...I haven't done salmon in forever and well..Okay now with all the fresh stuff available there are seasonal dishes...


Just wondering...as a solo person I sometimes end up eating the same thing for several days (my bean & bread salad with cucumbers & tomato...just doesn't freeze....) and well a rut can set in. 


What aabout your house?

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We have a few that we don't 'plan' in rotation, but usually have the ingredients (as we buy them often) and make them fairly regularly.


Some that come to mind:


chicken gyro type thing (using mini tandoori naan that are much like pita bread)

frittata (with veggies)

Homemade (sometimes vegetarian) pizza (also on those mini tandoori naan)


We really should plan better. It would be a little easier.



I also crockpot some variation of beans or bean soup quite often. I've always got a ton of bowls of that in the freezer in the garage. Perfect for a quick (and low-cal) lunch when I don't have any good leftovers to take.

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We don't have a menu so much as we always have certain staples in the house. We are pretty much never without tortillas, cheese, green chilies, refried beans... you know, Southwest stuff. My wife being Italian, we also keep pasta and the like as well. With that and the usual flour, sugar, cornmeal and various oils and spices we tend to free form a lot. I'm one of those people who looks at what's in the fridge and pantry, and then lets that drive things.

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As a solo person who also has a busy schedule, I look for meals which don't take a lot of time to prepare. I'll also scale down a meal so it works for one person instead of several.


Because I track my food through myfitnesspal.com, I also do some planning so I can meet the nutrients I need, at least most of the time.

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