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Madness and sadness?

Thaddeus Kosciuszko

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I was given two bikes.


The first was a department store bike, a rusted hybrid sort of thing, just about as near to death as a bike could be.  I completely disassembled it, cleaned all the bearings and races, put it all back together with new handlebar grips, new tubes and new tires.  Three hours and $40 later, it still looks rather sad but rides near new - such as that ever might have been.  Madness?


The second was a steel road bike, 8-speed, with Campagnolo components.  I couldn't get the shifting dialed in, which was unusual.  I took it to my favorite mechanic, who said the mechanisms inside the levers were worn and needed repair or replacement.  Either of which would cost far more than the bike was worth.  So I converted it to downtube shifting with some Campagnolo levers I'd had bouncing around for years.  Looks a bit goofy with the original brake/shift levers but it works.  Sadness, for what I did to it?  Did the bike deserve better?

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