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Destination...I believe I will blame you


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Weatherheads are blaming fires in Western Canada for our haze.  Enough of it that I was hacking and coughing a bit on my walk last night.   Beautiful weather here...dry...low humidity...not a cloud in the sky...as in real clouds...but a smokey haze.


Dang Canadians  :rolleyes:

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Yes, we're the ones blowing smoke.


It's been a bad fire season here this year. Each summer, a campfire ban is put in place, but normally that doesn't happen until August. This year it was implemented in mid-July. And if past years are any indication, our fire season could continue well into September. 


If you want to help, I ask all of you to do your part to send us a good, steady three-day rainfall.

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Dang it, Canada, STOP!  


I feel for you Petite!


When I went to visit our allergist he told me that Dallas is like the perfect confluence of winds.  We get all the junk from Canada and Mexico and California all meeting over Texas.


Thanks, ya'll!

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