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Strawberries in Vacuum Bag revisited: 3 weeks


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These are the last 6 strawberries from a 16 oz. box I bought 21 days ago on July 8 and stored in a hand-pumped vacuum bag.  I ate 3 today along with 21 day-old blueberries and a 21 day-old, going-mushy but edible banana.

The strawberries were nice and firm and fresh.  The last 3 will go within the next few days.



I decided to try keeping blueberries in a vacuum bag, even though I seldom have trouble just leaving them in the plastic box with holes they come in.

They did not crinkle up a little as usual, staying plump and they also became wet.  Apparently the moisture is staying close to the berries.  They taste fine:


Three weeks is a little too long for bananas in the fridge.  Because they're sealed in their own peels, vacuum bagging would be pointless.

The skin is turning very dark and the banana itself is getting mushy - I cut off and tossed the real dark parks - though that's actually the ripe banana and this one would be great for making banana bread:

20200729_135700.jpg.1a63b7835a5d8f63c6f8b683ebba0cc0.jpg 20200729_135827.jpg.0022289438b69fb296f44fe0dbdd0b1f.jpg

The fruit went great with a flakes/oat clusters/almonds cereal:

20200729_135957.jpg.b207b8600c19e7f7e0774ee28d1e89a7.jpg 20200729_140440.thumb.jpg.e507f193aa2369b175f3c1f2d17be8d6.jpg


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