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Diversity training fail


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13 hours ago, BuffJim said:

Could have been a common Indian name, Shithead. 

We have a Harshit at my company. 

But the test is in American English.  A better name choice was mandated!

I had Sophomore twin Korean Immigrant student girls in an Honors Chemistry class I taught both with a first name pronounced, "Me."  I asked them, "What do they call each of you at home?" "Me!"

Do you have anything different about your names or nicknames?"  "Yes in spelling and Korean inflections, but no in pronunciation."

Their last name began with "She."  So I asked them if it was alright if I called them "Me" and "She" to distinguish them.  They were fine with that.

They went through high school having teachers call them that and it was even added to their names as they crossed the stage at graduation!

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