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I am thinking about getting one of these

Mr. Silly

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I reminds me of the Arab Sheik's huge yachts anchored off the coast of Mediterranean resorts I've been to like Cannes, France.  The veiled young women from the yachts could be seen being escorted by guards walking through town.

Unfortunately, way beyond my budget - the yachts and the women.

When my brother-in-law and I were thinking of getting a boat for use in the Chesapeake in the '90's, I was considering a sailboat so we could take sailing lessons and do the sailboat races that occur often in the Summer off Annapolis and other places.  But the rest of the family was much more interested in fishing, so we ended up getting a 21' tri-hull boat with a cuddy cabin and port-a-potty where 4-6 could easily cast or troll for fish with a V6, 201 hp inboard/outdrive engine that could hit 50 mph on a smooth Bay and quickly get us to where we wanted to fish.

Of course, by 2008 it cost $200-$350 in gasoline per trip and we sold the "Reel Busy" which we should have named the "Money Pit."


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