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Greenville weather report, 7/30


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It is currently 79 degrees in Greenville, getting up to 87 at the peak.  87% humidity right now, meaning that the whole town needs a shower and a change of clothes.  Also, it looks like a chance of rain and thunder again from 1pm until 5pm or so.

Cheese is dressed in linen from head to foot, though, and is cool as a cucumber.  A Little Debbie swiss cake roll milkshake for lunch is almost certain to be on the menu if it starts to rain, I think he makes that whenever the drops start falling.




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We're already at 90°+ with 70+% humidity so it "feels like 100°".  It's heading for 97°.  Tomorrow's high is forecast for 83° then highs in the high 80's for the next week.  So I'll get some grocery shopping in today then back to yard work tomorrow.

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