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“Why?” you might ask? Because I had my cajun burner set up outside with my canning kettle on it. I lit the burner and went inside to get the stuff ready for canning. When I came out to see if the water was boiling yet, the hose to the burner had fire coming out where fire wasn’t supposed to be coming out. :runcirclsmiley:

Guess that was it’s way of telling me it was time to replace that cracked hose....

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45 minutes ago, Airehead said:

What are you canning?

Nothing, apparently.

Made a quart of BBQ sauce. Decided to can it instead of take up space in the fridge, the way I usually do - especially since it’s also on the docket to make a batch of Buldak sauce and a batch of Kogi and can them all.

Knew I just bought canning lids, so that was no problem....except I bought wide mouth lids and I didn’t want to use my wide mouth jars for this. I had two of the smaller ones, so I used two small mouth and one wide mouth.

Then my burner self-immolated.

I brought the canning kettle indoors -which I didn’t want to do- and as I was bringing the water back up to a boil, I heard all three jar lids pop down. By rights, that means I should pull those lids, replace them with NEW ones and proceed from there.

At that point, I shut the burner off, literally threw in the towel and went for a bike ride.

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54 minutes ago, Longjohn said:

Yay, a regulator that you can actually regulate. 

In this case, you have to have it - otherwise the burner is either off or WFO...and this thing looks like the tail end of a Falcon Heavy, at full tilt. If I ran the burner wide open, I’m pretty sure the canning kettle would hover.

I could have borrowed the hose and regulator off my Magic Beer MachineTM but that’s just a hose and a regulator, no control.

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