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So this has happened......


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13 minutes ago, Zephyr said:

... and apparently for the first time in my life(afaik), when I crawl into bed tonight I will be sleeping with a Grandmother.


Word of warning,...  I remember calling WoBG grandma once when our grandson (28 now) was not visiting us.  I got the 'look' and was told I'm not your grandma.   When the grandson is visiting, it's OK, when he isn't around... no (she must be sensitive about age).  :wacko:

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Congratulations!  Enjoy your time with your grandson - too soon he'll be well into his teens and spending time with friends as he should.

My sister and brother are 8.5 and 15 years younger than me (Dad said it was a long time between drinks), they each had one child in their early 40's, my parents are deceased, and so I'm the substitute grandfather who went to their grandparents' day at school and otherwise watched and spent money on them like a grandparent.

The oldest is 20 in Dec. and the younger turned 12 in June.  I cherishing all the time, in normal times, I spend with the 12 year-old and the day-trips where the 19 year-old joins in.  I know those will become fewer and farther between as time goes on and they develop healthy, other interests as they mature.

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