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Cycling through our wealthy neighbourhood


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It's somewhat amusing and not surprising to watch people bike through our very wealthy neighbourhood and really, they have no clue how huge some of these mansions are.  Well-hidden, etc.  They usually bike nearly daily through our neighbourhood because it's part of a bike route and yes, there are terrific natural views of ocean, lots of trees.  

I sometimes wonder if they notice our um...landscaping trucks, some streets beautifully lined with cypress trees, cherry blossom etc.  

One of the bike routes got a huge amount of flak from some of our residents because a)it was running through our very wealthy neighbourhood  b) we didn't want our peace broken by cyclists and driving around them bothered us.

Now its' ok. We live with it.

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3 minutes ago, Kzoo said:

We have a contract with Pinkerton for that.


Sadly Pinkerton is no more...

I was a “Pinkerton Man” for 7 years.  One of my last assignments before getting laid off was taking items from 3 storage units and combining them in one small unit. There was so much cool old Pinkerton stuff I gave a way to industry friends and I made a small collection for myself.

They were bought out by the global security firm Securitas AB and the name is all but retired.  

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