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Quote of the Day: Benjamin Disraeli

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Rolling down all the half umbrella awnings and clearing up the loose stuff while I get ready for the high winds of this afternoon.  They say it can be bad.  My experience is that one of these "tropical storms" weakens fast as the pick up high ground speeds to the north over and.

But the weather people are all in disaster mode.

What do I know.

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10 hours ago, Inspiration Bot said:

"I am prepared for the worst, but hope for the best."

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He didn't just prepare for the worst, he caused the worst by refusing to reinstate the "Corn Laws," driving farmers to ruin during a long drought.  That got him the worst: the voters booted his party out of Parliamentory control and Gladstone's liberals took over, forcing Disraeli into leading the opposition for the rest of his career.

Otherwise, he had an exemplary career, especially in dealing with the Ottoman and Russian Empires.


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