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Ay yay yay yay, Goodbye Isaias


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We've got a great, cool afternoon here in Central Maryland. Isaias was a little stronger including spawning tornadoes on the Delmarva, - the peninsula between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean - but we didn't get much wind and had heavy rain for less than 6 hours.

The Bay water pushed upstream by the hurricane led to water being almost at the top of the waterfront piers in Baltimore's Inner and Outer Harbors, 20 minutes to my north. The Annapolis Dock Area, 20 minutes to my south, is NOT flooded as it almost always the case when a hurricane comes up the Bay - less than 1 inch, due to the rain alone, though high tide a 6 pm may change things.  My siblings and I all have property on high ground and there was nothing that would have bothered them.

Annapolitans are loving this scene:


Isaias is north, the sky is sunny right now, and if I could move my legs after 5 frantic hours of yard work to beat the heavy hurricane rains, I might take Jake for a walk - though flooding in low areas is still going to be an issue for the next couple of days.  I'm going to use the apartment complexes pool today if it's not crowded.


I live just above the "A" is WASHINGTON:


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