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Do you ever get Iron Maiden confused with Iron Flutterby

Philander Seabury

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1 hour ago, F_in Ray Of Sunshine said:

Saw them once, ('82?) Never was a huge fan -always thought they were ok - but they kicked ass, live.

I saw them open up for the Scorpions back when I was in Junior High.  It was the second show I went to in my entire life at the time... which means I probably was 14.  I then saw them with my wife about 4 years ago when the headlined an act.  Unfortunately they cut out a lot of their best stuff to play crap off their new album that nobody even recognized.  So it was like 40 years later. and I saw them in the same stadium  To be honest, it was kinda weird.

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10 minutes ago, F_in Ray Of Sunshine said:

SO watched Flight 666 with me and said "They seem like they'd be fun to see live" 

That's what renewed my interest in them as well.  I even got my wife listening to them.  I got her hooked on their earlier stuff which they cut a lot out from their last show.  The tour before that I guess they played a lot of their classics. Still we got a really good deal on the tickets so it was fun anyway.

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