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Apropos of nothing at all


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A buddy lived across a valley from an old farm stead that a biker gang (Pagans) had inherited and occupied.

They got up to much foolishness, but the report that dribbled into my consciousness, (why I don't know, haven't recalled it it in decades)

The pecker measuring

A line of wasted bikers, struggling to stand upright, with their pants around their ankles

A skanky looking little girl with a tape measure, and a posse of skanky girls to witness, going down the line, stretching out the peckers and calling out the results. 

Much hilarity ensued 

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2 minutes ago, Airehead said:

And this happened where you could watch from your yard?

My bud witnessed it, from his front porch. They weren't a shy bunch.

Eventually there was a bust and a lot of them went to jail. The farm sold for taxes after a few years.

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53 minutes ago, Airehead said:

The Pagans have or had at the time of my youth a paid president at the national level that was paid exactly what the us president was paid. I did not know any Pagans but I knew people who did. 

Maryland and W Pa were their turf. The farm in West Newton was the Pa headquarters.

Outlaw bikers fascinate, frighten, and disgust me all at the same time. 

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