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Who wants a boss?


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got one for sale, cheap.

As of today, I still have 22 PTO days to take.  We were informed they would not be carried over or bought.  So I checked all the project schedules, gave him a plan for the rest of the year in which I wouldn't be out for more than a week straight, evenly spread out.

Apparently he's got a different schedule.  He just rejected my 3 days next weekend.  For stuff that's either already done, can't be done because other people are delayed, or really doesn't need doing for months.  I'm assuming this will keep happening, because my job puts me in pretty much every project.

An of course, follows it with stupid distractions like forwarding me an email I was already copied on with instructions to forward it to someone else - and copy him on it.

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6 hours ago, F_in Ray Of Sunshine said:

No thanks.

Mine retired in January and they haven’t seen fit to replace him. He was the coolest boss ever, but not having one at all is even better.

Ours retired just last June.  A new one is being offered the job after applications/interviews.  We will be told probably within next 2 wks. soon.

All I can think:  it's easier on me, whoever it may be....since I just want to finish 1-2 yrs. well on job.

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1. Go over his head or to HR. Tell them that he's going to screw you out of your PTO.

2. Threaten to quit. If he needs you that badly, he can't afford for you to quit. How's the job market for your skill set.

3. Don't threaten - actually quit.

4. Discuss the matter with an employment attorney. 


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