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My Chevy Silverado


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14 minutes ago, Further said:

Maybe a little more detail 

Yeah - she's had it a while and ought to be able to give us a nice write up, some pros & cons, and even some new photos. 

At the least, when she next gets a few banana pics, she can add a truck shot or two in there.

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3 minutes ago, F_in Ray Of Sunshine said:

I hated mine, that's why I drive a Ridgeline now.

Mine is perfect. The white is a perfect paint choice.

I love my hood. It rides like a dream. 

The Bluetooth is really cool too. It is taking us on a long shopping trip today. 

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26 minutes ago, Dickbag with Lard said:

Yes, when did you buy it and pick it up and drive it and throw bikes in the back and such?

Pics, please.

I bought it one year ago. 5.3 liter.

it carries our bikes under the canopy. We found an ARE camper shell for $600. That shell priced out at 3x what we paid on Craigs

i will take a pic when I get out. 

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