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My taars ain't in


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but they should be soon.  I have that old steel 7 speed downtube shift roadie that I am trying to restore.  The only thing that it really needs is new taars. 


Actually it really just needs cleaning up, not restoring.  The BB is smooth.  It has Mavic hubs that are among the smoothest that I have ever spun up.  It is just covered in a layer of dust and some dirt. 


My buddy at the LBS ordered me some taars.  Tubulars. They are made to look just like the old school ones that are on it now.  I am anxious to glue up these taars.  Something I have never done.  I have watched about 3 youtube vids so I think that I am probably an expert now.

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That's gorgeous, Parr8!! Definitely leave the down tube set up as is.

Don't worry, nothing is changing on this ride.  It has a history.  A very nice lady I worked with had a husband that was very into cycling.  He won the Tour of the Adirondacks years ago and this bike was his prize.  He got very sick with an autoimmune type disease.  They drove up and helped me set up my positioning for the ironman.  He spent a few hours helping me tweak things on my ride.  She stated that she had not seen him that happy in a while.  Even if he was not able to ride, just being around bikes was good for him.  He died last year and just recently she asked me to sell all of his bike stuff for him.  I told his roadie and his MTB.  But this one I am buying from her.  I don't see her making any real money on it anyways.  It's not really worth that much I don't think.But it's just cool and I don't want some freakin' hipster turning it into a fixie.

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