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Leveling and Tramming the Vise on my Syil X5 Milling Machine!


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3 hours ago, F_in Ray Of Sunshine said:

Can confirm. Used to work with a woman who ended up having a reduction because it (they) was (were) wrecking her back.

Naomi has a "Look at my boob" video where she holds out a silicon implant and says she's had one replaced because to burst.  So I guess breast reduction surgery wouldn't be too big a deal for her.

Avril Winter, who played Alex Dunphy for a decade on Modern Family, the character beginning at about age 12 or 13. She grew enormous real breasts during the series. They had to make her less and less of a nerd as time went on. Sarah Hyland, who played her gorgeous older sister Haley on the show, said Avril, in real life, expressed consideration of breast reduction surgery since she was about 14.

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