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So our walk is on hold

Philander Seabury

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The warmer it is... the more often Bella our Beagle does the same thing.    Yesterday she stopped 3 times.  Today... we will soon find out what happens.

Parker our Jack Russell just keeps walking.  Kind of reminds me of the Energizer Bunny.   Parker just keeps walking no matter what.  

Then when we get home... they both pass out and sleep for a long time.    The older I get, the more often I join in the nap time.

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3 minutes ago, Further said:

I used to walk my sons 2 dogs, a pug and a 3 legged mutt with a lot of energy.

 The mutt would be pulling from the front and the pug dragging from back

I was the link in a game of tug a war

That is exactly why I won;t walk Ruby and my SIL's pug at the same time anymore!  Once was enough!  Why are pugs so )(**&& slow?  Well this one is old so he does have an excuse.

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