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Nope. Not doing it.


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I'm not going racing next Sunday in Fall River Ma.  I'm too nervous around a group of people who don't wear masks.  Instead I'm tearing my car apart and putting a new chassis in using different recommendations than mine.  My ideas worked ok on a very high traction track but it was Katy bar the door on a track with lesser traction as the car rapidly became too squirrely to drive.  I'm taking what I learned from those racers, backing up a bit and then moving forward.  The chassis I'm using wasn't available when I started.  I wish it had been.  It's better and requires virtually no costly mods.

Team Associated DR10 RTR Brushless Drag Race Car (Green) w/2.4GHz ... 

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1 hour ago, F_in Ray Of Sunshine said:

What are these holes for? Set the height of the wheelie bar?


Those are the body mounting posts.  They are adjustable for different bodies.  The wheelie bar height is adjusted down near the lower front of the bar.  The screw just in front of the bottom corner of the bar has an arc of possible positions to go into which swings the lower corner forward or back.

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9 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

Those are the body mounting posts.

I gathered that, after seeing the goofy clips that hold the body on...but it never occurred to me that you’d need to adjust the height of the body to the chassis. It looked like the whole rear assembly was height adjustable via those posts, not the other way around.


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