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Saturday after 5 PM


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Well..not there yet....should I do laundry...or save that for tomorrow?  Thinking about getting something to grill? Eggplant?  And hope to energize to walk this evening.


Hmmmm TV right now is PBS and "Sex in the Wild"...Kangaroo sex...sometimes I wish I had cable!

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I made a grocery run....after see way more kangaroo mating than I needed to.  :whistle:


Dang it dark clouds were moving in...just waiting for storms now...I would like to get a walk in yet tonight!!


You have a smart phone.  You have an internet connection for your computing needs.  You have access to Weather.com or the Weather Bug.  You have no excuse to be surprised by the weather.  They have forecasts.  They have radar.  They have radar maps……….

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