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Some boxes 📦 are hard to toss


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23 minutes ago, Old No. 7 said:

I’ve got all the boxes my Campy stuff came in. I’m going to use them to decorate the next bike cave . 

The bike yoke tube is now being used to house these two large paint brushes I have. This foam part in the bottom of the tube secures the handle and the brushes just fit and it will protect the bristles and keep them intact. 

I like everyone's campy boxes.  I think your campy parts may outlast my SRAM eagle parts.  Less abuse no doubt.  

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15 hours ago, Dirtyhip said:

So, this is a thing?  

What is happening to me?I save strange things.  I like to be so tidy, and here I am saving boxes.  This is a dangerous game in 900 sq. ft. 

It's the first step.  The first step in a long process we call hoarding.  The piles of boxes next to the pile of newspapers next to the boxes of bread wrappers...

Sorry, DH.



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17 minutes ago, Mr. Grumpy said:

I saved these boxes longer than I probably should have.


Seeing Kirby's cat, I regret throwing them away.  He has the same decoration and probably would have enjoyed them.   

In my hall closet I have some gateway gear!  They were a client of mine and I was given a hoodie & some other gear.

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35 minutes ago, Allen said:

iPhone boxes are really nice too. I have one that the lid fits so well that it will lower itself on a cushion of air.  

And that right there is reason to keep it for 27 years?


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Just now, Allen said:

It’s the best made cardboard box of all time. I keep some meteorites and some silver quarters in it. It lives in my darkroom. 

Well if you have use for it, that's another story.  Then it becomes a storage device for the actual stuff you are hoarding and not just the hoarded item itself.


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