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In my store I sell a variety watches, clocks, jewelry, gifts, etc. . .


I have a bunch of clocks on the wall as display. Today this couple was looking at clocks on the wall while I had a HUGE line of people for services. They waited patiently in line and then pointed to a clock and said "We'll take it" 


It was my store clock. A clock I purchased soley just to show the time in the store. I never really intended to sell it. Heck I bought it from Target on sale. Most of the ones I sell are of much nicer, name brand, variety.


I looked them straight in the eye and said "Sure, that'll be $60"

They bought and walked away.


I have been feeling slightly guilty but still thought it was perfect. I keep telling the sales staff, everything is for sale. Now they believe it.




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It would seem that clock's time had come. ;)


They made you an offer for to buy merchandize, and you accepted.  I don't think you had any legal or moral obligation to say you bought that clock on sale at Target or to tell them what you paid for it any more than any other piece of merchandize in your store.


I'd say nobody got swindled, and you made some profit for your business.

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