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Aug 2 miles and such

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A friend and I rode "the fingers" in the foothills to the east.  Up hill and down, up hill and down...five times on five different hills.  It was fun.  Then we ate decadent apple raisin pull-aparts made with croissant dough and drank coffee.  Then I went home and did a full body workout with lots of upper body lifting, planks, and ab work. 

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After watching the Pantani movie I wanted to climb a hill.  I rode south into Cincinnati to climb Indian Hill near Madeira.  I took Kenwood to Madison as Indian Hill starts at Madison and goes up to Miami.  The first time I rode up Indian Hill I had to walk part of it and felt ashamed.  The next time I rode it I didn't walk but had to stop twice to get my heart rate back down.  Better but still ashamed.  This time no stopping no walking.  I measured the hill too, it rises 302 feet over 0.59 of a mile.  That's about a 9.5% grade.  I averaged 7.5 mph.  

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