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Gotta get newer photos of me cycling


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for an employee profile for our corporate intranet.  An employee is featured weekly....how long they have been working for us, what dept., nature of their career/job, things they are most proud they've done for clients/citizens, personal interests/activites.  So of course, cycling will be somewhere.  I haven't had photos taken of me on bike in the last 3 yrs.  I keep forgetting to ask dearie to do it for me.  (I take alot of him.)  There have been some interesting profiles.

So a good friend is going to plot with me where there will be good natural shots this weekend in the city. I hope to weave 1-2 sentences  how cycling for myself is positively affected by the work of  our transportation dept. ie. cycling infrastructure, etc. with a photo or 2 of me cycling in those areas.

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15 minutes ago, shootingstar said:

I love this photo below.  It was taken....6 yrs. ago.


And it conveys the message without the need for it to be up-to-date.  Most good photos of me are taken from far enough away that you really can barely make out that it is me in the photo anyway.

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