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I am having a beer now


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1 minute ago, Randomguy said:

5 Boroughs summer ale.

It is ok, an impulse purchase of a session ale.  I still have a quarter of it left.

what the floody buck is a session ale?

Some hipster lame ass commercial yesterday said their artisanal urinal swill was "sessionable"?  That right there would make me want to punch the hipster bartender with the waxed mustache and tiny fedora in his nose.

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53 minutes ago, Philander Seabury said:

Session ale = low alcohol. :(


Hmm, maybe yes, but also something else.  A session ale must be easily drinkable with activity, like playing softball or mowing the grass or watching football for hours.   It usually isn't too hoppy or overly complicated and is no "DAMMIT, LOOK AT ME" beer that old guys will yap for hours about.

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