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How do you know if you're a pod person?

Mr. Silly

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1 hour ago, Razors Edge said:

Isn't @Dottles a Pod person now?  I know he rented some sort of storage, and a Pod seems right up his alley.


55 minutes ago, Dottles said:

Fuck no -- I mean, no, I rented storage in the next county near my MIL.

I do not have any irritability or rage. Just sayin'

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Yes & I loved it! WoScrapr & I stayed in a pod hostel in Amsterdam. WoScrapr said she "accidently" walked in the mens bathroom. <yeah right> I only booked 1 night because I was afraid she would hate it. She loved it. Although she did scare me when I reminded her that Amsterdam was a hostel....I thought you said hotel!   LOL


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30 minutes ago, jsharr said:

I think we have our Keurig away.  I use a drip coffee maker.

I use my Keurig all the time but always just for hot water for tea. French press for coffee if I have people over, or usually the espresso maker if it’s just me. 

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