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Neighbors are cleaning up dead trees.


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16 hours ago, sheep_herder said:

Probably cheaper than letting the big old branches rot off and fall on the house or somebody. They needed to be taken down, and she bought the house from relatives a year ago.

There is a house a couple miles up the road from me (not Amish) that had a big tree in their front yard. The tree was alive but hollow and a large part of it was over their house. I asked them if they were going to get it taken down or wait for it to fall on the house and let insurance take care of it. The guy said he would wait. Last summer it came down on the house. Insurance fixed the roof and removed the tree. Nobody was injured.

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20 hours ago, maddmaxx said:

The things these guys do with chain saws while hanging from ropes is crazy.

I decided to cut down a 30' tall, virtually-dead, maple tree with a chain saw several years ago.  But starting about 20' up on a ladder, I quickly decided to do the upper part with a regular saw - one slip with that chain saw and I'd be sawing myself.

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