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So what is the longest you have seen a "Coming Soon or "Future Site of..." sign stay up? Can you beat


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There's a property up the street where someone built a drive-through coffee place and paved the lot, installed really cool lighting standards, and put up a sign that said "Express:  coffee and roses".  It stayed like that for two years, and one time I peeked into the windows of the kiosk to see whether there had been any more progress, but it was still bare inside.  Last year the sign came down, the lighting was removed, and the deteriorating kiosk was razed.  I could see the potential there, but it just didn't get off the ground.   

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Billboard up for 20 years for Cannon Homes with a pic of a cannon in the middle. Passed it every day for 20 years.

Since the last home Cannon built in Greenville was in the late '40's, sign most likely close to 50 years old.

Then one day it was gone. Somewhere around 2005ish

Now you've made me all sad Farnsworth. :(

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I searched to see if there was any other mention of the Cannon Homes sign on 291/ N. Pleasantburg on the internet. There's not. :(

I'm wondering if the Cannon sign was original and directly painted on? If so, if I can remember the actual location, remove the Cook Out sign, or whatever, and see my sign again! :)

You've given me a goal in life, Farnsworth. I thank you.

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