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Stray pepper seed

Philander Seabury

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4 hours ago, Philander Seabury said:

Found one in the counter this morning and popped it into my mouth

I'd ask "why?", but I'm afraid of the answer I might get.

4 hours ago, Philander Seabury said:

Darn jalapenos are tricky!

My sister gave me a jar of pickled jalapenos. I gingerly nibbled the first one. Not bad. Took small bites of a second one. Hot, but not too hot.

Bit right into the third one and it damned near took the top of my head off.

I'm still trying to figure out how she knew to pack them that way.

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5 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

I'd ask "how" as in "How the heck did this guy survive to a ripe old age doing nonsense like that?!?!?!"

That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  The average 1 year old has eaten a pound of dirt by their first birthday and it continues later in life.  Maybe this is why so many are dropping over after eating a peanut these days.

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