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Folks must be tired of the pandemic


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At least at my local stores, the senior hours are "senior and immuno compromised" and I don't think they ever required a doctor's note.  I do know some people who are undergoing cancer treatments who'd go during those hours for shopping, but it does permit others who have no medical need to get in as well. Luckily, the hours are so early that I think that dissuades most people, especially now that there are not shortages on most critical items and people feel less need to get there right after the night's restock.

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2 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

They are there washing the shopping carts and they have been told that they can't ask or stop anyone because "special exceptions"

IMO code for entitled.

It's awful when the entitled trample in on the entitled and there is a competition for top "title"! 

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