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My chatty cow-orker has stepped his game up.

F_in Ray Of Sunshine

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Maintenance guy, lives one floor up. He's a nice guy, and I like him, but geez... He likes asking questions - not because he wants actual answers but just because he's bored and wants to hear himself talk. Yesterday he walked up and opened the conversation with "What do you put on fish tacos?" :wacko:

He used to come up to me every day and ask "Did you walk today?" "How far did you go?" I tried tracking my walk and showing him the track. That didn't work. Vague answers didn't seem to faze him. Even smartass answers like "All the way" or "Halfway and back" didn't even register.

Now he's started accompanying me when I walk. :rolleyes:  (Accompanied by him asking me several times over the course of the morning "Are you going for your walk today?") The only saving grace is that he has a new boss who makes sure he's back in a half hour, whereas I go for 45 minutes to an hour, so I ditch him partway through.

Guess I'm gonna have to start bringing a bike in. :angry:

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You have to tell him, lunch time is decompression time for you. He has to learn to do stuff with alot of silence with others during decompression time.

Bike ride for you sounds like a good solution.  I'm actually the type of cyclist that doesn't want to talk much with a cycling companion while we're both cycling. I prefer to pay attention to where I'm cycling and the passing scenery. Including my dearie. He's like that too. Just a couple of words on bike for a whole 1-2 hrs.  Fine.

He just likes a distant friend. Then treat him that way by teaching shared silence for at least half an hr. It might take awhile. B):speedy:  


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