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Please help me identify these trees


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16 hours ago, Dirtyhip said:

I think this is Caltulpa


The leaf shape and veins look right for Catulpa or "Indian Cigar Tree" in the Mid-Atlantic.

It's a beautiful, flowering tree that grows tall. If you plant it, make sure it's far from water and sewage pipes because it grows deep, strong roots.

My grandmother planted one in our yard on the day I was born. From time to time in my 30's, the sewage lines needed to be rotor-rootered and I cut down the tree. In my 40's, my mother called me and complained the sewage line was blocked: the cast-iron sewage pipes had finally collapsed due to the roots.  I hired an out-of-work friend of my brother's to dig about 5 feet down to where the pipes ran about 15' from the house to the county sewage connection.  A guy from the county's water and wastewater dept. came out and told my brother what pipes and connectors to get.  We did the whole job for less than $1000.

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