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Ever search for hours for something right in front of you?


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I need to take my passport tomorrow to an 11:15 am appointment at the MVA to get my license renewed as a Real-ID card.

I thought I had put it on my dining room table and I had - except I forgot I had put it in a Ziploc bag to make sure I didn't spill anything on it.  I complicated matters by including in the bag the info brochure that came with the passport (back in 2014!), so I didn't realize the passport was hiding in the bag for a couple hours!

I also need to take an orig, Social Security card - somehow mine survived the swimming in the pool with my wallet episode on July 4.

I need two proofs of address and my Car's registration card and my voter registration card are acceptable.  I also have my latest Maryland Teachers Pension statement, my last Water Bill from the County (things "from a government agency") and a couple of other proof of address things just to have extras in case the info on the website as to what works is not up to date.

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