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Chicken deterrent


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Einstein did some feathering of the lawn after the driveway was installed. We are now on round two of grass seed in this area. The chickens from across the way keep making a pilgrimage over to eat the seed. At first barking dogs could scare them away but not today. I took Ryan out on a long line to see if a real dog would be effective. I kept him on a lead because I do not want any chickens harmed. It was everything I could do to keep him from pulling me over. He was very interested in chicken.  The chickens high tailed it back up to the road.  🐔 If this does t work, what next?

i don’t want to be that neighbor but I need the seed to sprout. Then the chickens are welcome back. 

why don’t  people keep their animals at home?


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14 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

Get a cat.

Our feral cats used to team up on the neighbor’s chickens in our yard. One cat would start sneaking down the driveway. The chickens would keep an eye on it but didn’t seem too concerned. Then they saw the other cat coming through the forsythia bushes and the rooster would tell his hens it’s time to go NOW. He took his job seriously.

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39 minutes ago, sheep_herder said:

Only one suggestion, build a fence. In the west, land owner is expected to build a fence to keep stray animals off of their property. Did not read the other comments, so sorry, if this has already been suggested.

Too bad they dont have to build a fence.

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