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All our Cali peeps safe?

Prophet Zacharia

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9 minutes ago, Prophet Zacharia said:

Where is the Apple fire? Where is the worst of the fires in the state? I have to admit I don’t know the specifics of what areas are at risk. Same with the Colorado fires. :dontknow:

Most of it is in NorCal.  They had a freak weather incident and numerous lighting strikes set off numerous fires.  The apple fire was about 60 miles north East of me in the mountains.  My local coastal ranges so far haven’t had any fires but we are just getting into the fire season. 

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37 minutes ago, smudge said:

Ugh, I hate fire season. Makes me sad.

Yeah me too. SoCal fires aren’t that damaging to the flora as it’s mostly grasses & brush. It’s not like it’s old growth forests.  But over the years homes have encroached on wilderness areas so they become a human tragedy. 

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2 hours ago, Prophet Zacharia said:

I haven’t seen on a map where the wild fires are raging. Hopefully none near you?


We haven't had ton of wildfires in Alberta. Sadly some big ones burning in British Columbia..we do get wildfire smoke for a few hrs. in past 48 hrs. Then the wind kicks up fierce and blows it away. Yes, this smoke is from several hundred km. away.

A few summers ago, we had smokey bad air quality for a few wks...due to 140+ forest fires burning in British Columbia.

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