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Ride with my cycling mentor


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 ... I have one of those Bob Jackson crit bikes here from the 70's, and the setup and geometry look very similar.

But in the 70's, all we had was crappy Campy New Record friction junk. :(  So mine is probably not as fun to ride as his.



But it is orange, so that has to be worth something.  Those are nice frames.  Classically British in feel and response.  Swell bikes. :)

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13 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

You mean "Fred".  Fred was calling you :whistle:


Awesome story, though and I hope he keeps at it and you get a chance to fix the valve cover issue!

He was riding in regular shorts and a polo shirt with a back pack to carry water (notice no bottle cage). He started riding in the 1970’s, he’s a bit non traditional in some aspects of his riding!

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21 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

No nut, though, so @Kzoo might go easy on him!

But definitely 1) cool bike and 2) a nice story.

I noticed no nut and the cap was not black so he was trying to color coordinate it with something.  He's good to go.


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