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RB is becoming fussy about food


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sometimes I think parents fuss too much about their kids eating.  


You know, I have told RW that she will eat when she gets hungry enough, and that I mostly don't care if she eats or not unless the hunger makes her unruly.  When she is unruly, I want her to eat bunches so she will be her normal cheerful self.

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Teaching kids about mealtime with family is tough when they don't want to eat and they don't want to just sit there and wait for you to finish eating.  It's ok for RB to stop eating when she loses interest in the food, but try to keep a positive activity for her while still at the table.  Fluffy thing to fidget with, song to sing, book to browse, doll to feed and care for...  Reinforce that the table is where you are together.  It's annoying when kids get up from the table to go play and then continually interrupt for attention from the adults. 

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