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Woohoo, cleared a gap jump that has always scared me


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4 minutes ago, Dirtyhip said:

Me and and a gal friend of mine cleared this gap jump on this black diamond trail.  It's like a rock gap.  It is easier than I thought.

Plenty of speed and no brake checks.  

There was much rejoicing.


So what I here is "nothing technical, all gravity", correct?  Seems easy enough :D


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11 minutes ago, bikeman564™ said:


We still need to do the skinny.  There is this really narrow ramp and roll out on another section.  I slammed on the brakes,  NOPE! 

Gotta session that and maybe watch my hubby go over it. 

This is the steepest and most difficult trail in the park.

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6 minutes ago, Kirby said:

Very cool! 

It was exciting.  

I was coming into it, and enough speed to get it done.  My inner voice gasped. 

There is a big jump on that trail too and I swear I popped up so high.  I jumped higher than my head.  EEK!  Going back to flat pedals, those bigger jumps still feel a little scary.  I am feeling more comfortable with free feet, but it is odd when I am a little too far in the air to feel really comfortable.

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3 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

It's definitely not my strength.  Fun - but scary - and not even close to black diamond stuff.

A lot of that stuff is just confidence, speed and a little practice.   Skill does play into this of course, but mostly it is speed and momentum.  You have to watch as there are possible pedal strikes all over.  

There is a segment on that trail <my hubby built this trail>  and he named this strava section "I pooped your pants."  LOL  You come into this corner and you have a drop and there is messed up lava rocks everywhere, and as soon as you leave that prepare for a 3 foot drop and it is super steep.  We recently changed the trail to DH only, and some of the hikers freaked out.  It's our only DH trail in that park.  It's for people's safety.   One way is safer on that kind of stuff. 

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