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Well, that was helpful......

F_in Ray Of Sunshine

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Had a question about BobCAD, so I go to their support site. Pawing through the FAQs, I don't find what I'm looking for. I want to configure the postprocessor to include tool info in the header, so that I can look at a program on my machine and know what cutter the program was written for. It's a simple postprocessor tweak, but each post uses slightly different syntax. 

Then I notice the chat thingie, so I click that. The guy who does all their training videos responds.

I ask, "How do I include tool information in the posted code?" I don't care if it's in the header or at the tool changes. Fagor 8055i and Centroid posts".

Now I was expecting him to take a couple of minutes to get back to me or tell me he'll email me the info.


"Call support".


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44 minutes ago, F_in Ray Of Sunshine said:

I might as well have asked a soap dish.

The end result would be exactly the same.

You're dealing with Parody Bot's dopey family.  You need to be very careful how you phrase a question.  Short, to the point, and single syllable words are best practices.  Probably in their native language as well.

Good luck. We've been struggling with Parody Bot and his ilk for a while with little to no progress.

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26 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

I assume that if you do call support the same guy will answer wearing his other hat.  That's what I would do to really piss you off.

And then explain "That's what Chat is for."


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I had a financial transaction recently that involved coordinating two financial institutions and everything that could have gone wrong did.  Part of it was due to the fact that I was trying to do this during the height of the pandemic shutdowns in NY, and people were working from home.  But other problems had to do with incompetence and a general lack of caring.  At one point I called  every day for over a week just to get a simple administrative thing done, all to no avail.  I finally got a guy who was helpful, kind and actually did what he said he'd do.   I was so thankful that I took the time to write a letter to senior management expressing gratitude for his dedication to customer service..

I got the nicest email from the organization today thanking me and assuring me that they had relayed my comments to the individual and his management team.   There were enough personal details in the letter that it was clear it wasn't simply a generated response.   Personally, I think they were so surprised to get a complimentary letter instead of a letter complaining about something that they probably passed it around to everyone in the office.

But I was so thankful to finally get someone who competently and efficiently handled my request that I wanted him to get some recognition for his efforts.

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