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Ah! CAnada! What A Place To Be!

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...in black fly season :D

What about health issues and diseases? I get that question more than most bicycle travelers.Perhaps it is due to my habit of bicycling in countries or continents that rarely wind up on the "Ten best places to bicycle list" — India, Africa, Bosnia, Albania, Mexico. Most people who inquire at the presentations I give around the country want to know which was the worst. In which of these countries did I cry out to the heavens in a feverish trance, begging to be rescued from the living hell I was experiencing? I look out at the crowd and see expectant faces — young adventurers looking for those places on earth that will test their travel chops, as well as spouses ready to lean over after I’ve given my answer and whisper, "I told you we should never plan a trip there." With no need for exhaustive research or the rereading of all my journals, I can matter-of-factly state that Canada wins the prize hands down. Yep. That ominous, mysterious and dangerous country to the north. But before you scratch it offyour trip list, let me explain.

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