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Even the women here will find this woman sexy

Square Wheels

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53 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

I've watched 20 or so of their videos.  I like them.

I have "The Dance" album.  It's pretty good and it's from back a way when the original group was still together.  Well, more like a reunion together.  The original is better than the cover by a good deal.

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The woman I heard other women describe as sexy is Jeri Ryan .

When Jeri Ryan debuted as the character "Seven of Nine" on Star Trek Voyager, the chairwoman of my department said, "God! I've been straight all my life but she turns even me on!"

Seven of Nine just keeps getting hotter

She still looks hot a couple decades later on  Star Trek Picard, Season 1 (2020).  Season 2 is expected to be filmed in 2021, another 10 episodes, where Jean-Luc Picard was killed in Season 1 and his consciousness transferred to a new, artificial body (android!) and Seven (born Annika Hansen, some on "Picard" know her as Annika) is apparently a recurring character. Jeri Ryan said she had trouble recreating Seven for S T Picard after two decades, especially the voice, but she's back!  We learned in the last episode of Picard that Seven/Annika is gay!

The untold truth of Seven of Nine

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