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Park Service to Shoot Deer on Civil War Battlefields


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The Park service says Civil War battle fields in Maryland are being overgrazed by deer, and so they are going to use sharpshooters to shoot the deer so that people don't hit them with cars and the plants don't get eaten




First of all, deer browse and plants grow back. Its the woods, get over it.


Second, what exactly is the problem with hitting deer on the roads? That's not an "accident" that's food on the table, jack!


Now, let me say that I do understand the nature of the problem the Park Service is facing. They can't rely on locals to hunt the deer to solve the problem. Notice that our Pennsylvanian Battlefield at Gettysburg doesn't have this problem, but the plain fact is the Marylanders just can't shoot for shit


I mean, you have to appreciate how difficult it is to get a good sight picture when you got your head stuffed completely up your ass


The Maryland DMV has the same problem trying to take drivers license pictures


Marylanders, for reasons we don't understand here in PA, have their heads up their asses most of the time


Now as boathandlers, Marylanders aren't too bad, but when it comes to the woods, those stupid bastards couldn't find their way out of a vegetable garden, much less a thicket or a swamp


Face it, Crabcakes...the deer in your state are the safest deer in America


I've been in Maryland and actually had a deer get upitty with me. In Pennsylvania, they don't even stick around long enough to snort. That shows you how often those deer get shot at down in Maryland


Now all you need to do to solve your deer problem is lower your out of state license fees so we here in York County can drive down there and blast those pesky deer for you


but instead, the Federal Government has to step in and give you a hand like they do every other demographic that can't cut it in America




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