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I do find this funny...


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I can't believe the guy is only 58 years old.  He looks much older:

When Dave Joseph, 58, set up to perform in front of his camera in his home in Manchester, UK, the passionate musician didn't expect his performance to go viral. But unfortunately for the 37-year-musical-veteran, it wasn't his playing skills that grabbed people's attention, but rather his spectacular fail caught on camera. While rolling back on his chair, Dave comically toppled over and crumpled against his piano. Worrying about damage to his guitar, and with his four year old dog, Tikaani, loudly barking, the frantic scene quickly went viral with over four million views after after English football star Peter Crouch tweeted the hilarious video for the world to see.

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2 hours ago, bikeman564™ said:

the dog's like "wtf dude?"

I was mountain biking with Zoe and she stopped to take a dump, so I stopped and was riding in circles, doing wheelies, while I waited for her. I had a wheelie go bad on me and I was clipped in. I went right over backwards and knocked the wind out of myself....and she came over and looked at me laying there gasping, like "WTH did you do that for?"

I told her I wasn't waiting for her anymore.

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