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Do you make out with your dog?


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My Aussie was a lover but we limited the face kissing. Smokey will swap spit with you if you let him and just loves to lick on your face.  I keep my mouth closed and give him my cheeks & nose but not my mouth.  When I have had enough i blow raspberry’s in his ear and he literally squeals and then jumps off me.  

Jack doesn’t like people in his face but on a really special day he’ll give you a single lick on the nose.

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Maggie will jump up and aggressively start licking your face, eyes and neck when she thinks you're in distress. Like, when you let out a groan while stretching, or yawning, waving your hands in the air or slapping your own leg. Makes me wonder if she was a support animal for someone with special needs. :(

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